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Photo Tour Trekkers and the Photography Club of Bayfield are pleased to announce the Second Annual Bayfield Foto Fest on Saturday October 4th and Sunday October 5th, 2014.

Embrace your Creativity - Fall Foto Fest weekend will feature a different Keynote Speaker on Saturday and Sunday.  We are offering a selection of  6 workshops, you will be able to select 2 workshops per day.  Join us for one day or take advantage of our two day event options.

Fall Foto Fest Photo contest details soon to be released - Grand Prize is a tour package for one photographer on Photo Tour Trekkers Northern Lights Tour to Iceland in 2015.

New this year we would invite you to join us for our Friday night sunset, and photo contest gallery launch event.


The cost of the event will be $50.00 for one day or $80.00 for two days.  If you belong to a camera or photographic club or are a high school / college / university student, the fee will be $40.00 for one day or $65.00 for two days. We look forward to you joining us for a weekend of Embracing your creativity.

Weekend Workshops

Photography 101: Take the triangle route to the perfect image

It’s never to late for a little 101, knowing photography basics is important in creating great images. During our 101 workshop we will spend time reviewing the basics of exposure, how your camera settings affect your final image and creative ideas to think about when composing your image.

Digital Video: Get more from your video-capable digital camera

Most digital SLR and Point and shoot style cameras have a video function. Have you ever used it? Would you like to make your presentations more interesting by mixing in a small amount of video? or just share some motion from your holiday or special occasion on facebook? This workshop will help you understand more about what you can do with your camera. We will be doing both classroom and hands on activities so make sure to bring your camera to the workshop.

Embrace Your Creativity: Break the rules

Feeling in a rut or no longer excited about your photography. Has it been a while since someone said “WOW” to one of your images. Maybe it’s time to embrace your creativity. This workshop is not about composition and rules, but rather about what stimulates our brains and how to apply that to photography. We’ll show you practical exercises you can do to stimulate your creativity and spice up your photography. There will be an opportunity to try some of the exercises, so bring your camera and your imagination. 

Post Processing: Explore Adobe Lightroom, Elements & Photoshop

In todays digital world one of the most important steps in your photography is post processing. What you do with your images once you have uploaded them to your computer is now a big part of your end result. We will spend time looking at the options Lightroom has to offer and how the program interacts with Adobe Photoshop and Elements. Then on to exploring your creative side, we will feature ideas of using your computer and post processing to come up with some beautiful end results. You will be required to bring your laptop computer with a copy of Lightroom installed. 

Creative Lighting: Illuminate your ideas with studio and flash lighting

We will be using Bayfield’s Virtual High School studio facility for the weekend. During our workshop you will have opportunity to try easy lighting set-ups, experience how reflectors and bounce affect your creation and learn how to balance your light. We will also look ways to set your exposure, trigger your flash, and how to unleash the power of your flash unit. 

Phoneography: Create images with your cell phone

We have one, and have snapped the odd picture or two with our cell phones. They are actually a pretty powerful way to capture images. Your unique vision of the world is now more accessible than ever ... and can make jaws drop. It has become an impressive way to capture amazing images. During this workshop, we will explore the creative possibilities that rest in the palm of your hand. There are many hidden features, downloadable Apps and surprising time-honoured techniques that you can now use on your phone. You will never look at your cell phone or snap a pic the same way again.

Meet our Instructors

Download a PDF file of our Fall Foto Fest Weekend Schedule 



Keynote Presentations: 

Jo_headshot_bw_003.jpg Jo-Anne McArthur -Toronto, ON
Photojournalist, author and activist Jo-Anne McArthur is a full time documentary photographer in Toronto, ON and abroad. She has become well know as an animal defender through her documentary project We Animals. Jo-Anne's project has recently been featured in the Canadian documentary The Ghosts in Our Machine.  Her photography is internationally celebrated and over 100 animal organizations, among them Igualdad Animal, Sea Shepherd and the Jane Goodall Institute have benefited from her photography. Her work has also been featured in many publications such as Elle Canada, National Geographic Traveler, Photolife, Sotokoto, Point of View, Alternatives Journal and Canadian Dimension. Jo-Anne completed her photography internship at Magnum Photos in the United Kingdom.

We are pleased to have Jo-Anne present as our keynote speaker at Fall Foto Fest, she will be our feature presenter at our Saturday October 4th sessions. Jo-Anne will present her creative journey in photography and how she has married the business of photography with her passion for animal imagery.

Our Workshop Instructors:

VanessaIceland.jpg Vanessa Dewson - Ottawa, ON

We are pleased to have Photo Tour Trekkers Photographer Host and Ottawa Photographer, Vanessa Dewson returning for her second year as workshop instructor at Fall Foto Fest. Vanessa is an active and credited member of PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada), and photography instructor at the Ottawa School of Art. During our 2014 event we invite you to join Vanessa as she hosts our Photography 101 workshops.

 TroyShantz.jpg Troy Shantz - Sarnia, ON

Troy is a freelance cinematographer, photographer and educator, and has worked throughout Canada, Europe, Africa on cinematography and photography assignments and is a member of the Documentary Organization of Canada. For the past 10 years he worked on news, editorial, lifestyle, documentary TV series, live concerts and fictional short productions. Troy is also an associate professor with the Lambton College Digital Photography Program. Troy will be hosting our Digital Video workshops during Fall Foto Fest 2014.

NancyMcRae.jpg Nancy McRae - Sarnia, ON

Nancy McRae is an avid photographer who has embraced her work with a very creative eye. She realized the importance of post processing in the digital world and began to work with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop which streamlined the process. Taking her images to an all new level of creativity, Nancy began using Coral Paint and her work took on a whole new dimension. Nancy will be sharing her creative techniques during our Post Processing Workshop. Nancy is a nursing educator at Lambton College and an active traveller with Photo Tour Trekkers.

Debh.jpg Billh.jpg  Deb and Bill Hall - Woodstock, ON

Bill and Deb Hall are both Photo Tour Trekker Photographer hosts and have spent many years sharing their photography skills through workshops, presentations and travel. Collectively they share more years than they want to mention in photography. In previous years Deb and Bill operated their own Wedding and Portrait Photography business and now enjoy sharing their experiences with other photographers through workshops, AV presentations and travel. Deb and Bill will be hosting our Embrace your Creativity Workshop during Fall Foto Fest.

TVogel.jpg Tom Vogel - Cambridge, ON

Tom Vogel is not a photographer. He's a storyteller. It just happens that photography is his favourite medium for telling stories. This has led to a colourful career where he specializes in architectural and life portraiture, spherical panoramas, HDR imagery, theatrical events, global diaries, social media presentation and virtual/augmented reality for mobile devices. The list continues. So does his curiosity for all things photographic. Tom combines an equal mix of high energy entertainment and "deep dish" education. We are confident that each participant will be eager to make the most of their smartphone's photo abilities after the workshop.

DRule3.jpg Denis Rule - Ottawa, ON

Denis Rule's passion for photography spans over the past 35 years. He started his professional career as an underwater technical photographer in 1980. Denis specializes in portraits, fashion, dance and advertising in his commercial studio in Ottawa. He is a master of creating shapes and forms with light, highlighting the desirable and downplaying the mediocre using both natural and artificial light. This has earned him a place with other top professionals in the field. For the past 9 years Denis has divided his time between photographic assignments and conducting workshops on lighting for amateur and professional photographers alike. Denis will be hosting our Creative Lighting workshop at the Virtual High School studio facility during Fall Foto Fest.

james.jpg James Cowie - London, ON

James has over 30 years experience in photography and carries the profession of photography into the 3rd generation. James hosts photography tours all over the world, working with his photographer guests to achieve the ultimate images. During 2014 has had recent visits to Vietnam, Cambodia, the Out Hebrides in Scotland and Haida Gwaii on Canada's west coast. During Fall Foto Fest he will be teaming up with Nancy McRae for our Post Processing, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom workshop. 


If you are planning on joining us for the weekend the two hotels listed below are offering special rates for the weekend. Please mention you are attending Foto Fest to Receive the special rate.


The Oakwood Resort - Rate $149.00 per night plus tax 
Located on HWY 21 on the outskirts of Grand Bend 
25 minutes from the Resort to Fall Foto Fest
Toll free 800-387-2324 
The Pine Dale Motor Inn - Rate 2 Queen - $125.00 Queen or Double - $105.00 plus tax
Located 107 Ontario St. Grand Bend
28 minutes from Pine Dale to Fall Foto Fest
Toll free 888-838-7463

Order a Fall Foto Fest T-shirt 

TShirtSample.jpg $15 - S, M, L & XL

Arrive in style ... we are pleased to offer Fall Foto Fest T-shirt. The cost of the T-shirt is $15.00 and we will have your order ready to pick-up at the registration desk during each opening day of Foto Fest. Please click on this link for the online Fall Foto Fest T-shirt order form.



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