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August 22, 2018 at 1:09 AM


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Uganda ... Game Drives, River Cruise and the Gorillas

We seem to be back in the land of the living ... well at least for internet connection as in the mountains it was not good and I have been slower getting the images posted. So tonight I would like to share more images from our river cruise in Queen Elizabeth National Park, a game drive including yes .... yea we saw lions and the first day of our two visits to the mountain gorillas. 

The gorillas were an amazing experience even moving some of the group to tears. Just to be in the presence of these amazing animals and watching them interact with each other and yes even us. One baby gorilla hugged the legs of one of our photographers and a silver back kicked two of our guests as he ran past them to catch up to the baby who had grabbed one of the trackers machetes that are used to cut the brush. We continue with another hike to see the gorillas tomorrow. Ok hike might be light it is a tough climb along a 4 1/2 km trail to high in the mountains to see them. Enough of the chatter and on to the photos. Please click on the gallery link below. Good night from Uganda.

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Posted by Anita on
Fantastic.....absolutely beautiful photographs
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