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November 13, 2016 at 4:31 PM

Sunday Nov 13th, 2016 - Arrived in Yangon, Burma afternoon Pagodas

We have arrived in Burma ... after departing on Friday November 11th we had a 15 hour and 40 minute plane ride from Toronto to Hong Kong, we then had a 3 hour 10 minute flight from Hong Kong to Yangon, Myanmar arriving at 12:05 am Sun Nov 13th. Now our Asian journey begins. 

So today Sunday morning, we are 11 hours 30 minutes ahead of Toronto time we took it easy enjoying a little sleep in time, breakfast and a walk around the lake and grounds that surround our hotel. Then at 2 this afternoon we visited two pagodas in Yangon. The first one Maha Wizen Pagoda was built by General Ne Win in the 1980’s. The pagoda has a hollow ceiling depicting Burmese constellations and a permanent display of pagoda styles throughout the ages. Later in the afternoon we visited Shwedagon Pagoda and stayed until sunset. This huge pagoda is situated high on a hill and dates back 2,500 years and was built to house eight sacred hairs of Buddha. Its bell shaped superstructure resting on a terraced base, is covered with 60 tonnes of gold-leaf, which is constantly being replaced.

Tomorrow the group is up early for a 1 hour flight to Mandalay. Enjoy todays selection on images from our fist day in Myanmar. 

Maha Wizen Pagoda as we crossed the bridge.


Yesterday was Jim’s birthday and it is tradition here to release a bird on your birthday in celebration. Happy Birthday Jim.


The walkway to the pagoda. Shoes and sock off and knees covered before entering.


This is a hollow pagoda and you can see the nature scene depicted inside.


One of the Buddha’s inside the temple.


Beautiful artwork on the ceilings. There is a North, South, East and West entrance.


A sun burst just as we exited the temple.


This monk was taking it easy in the afternoon heat. It was 28C and with the humidity felt like 34C today.


Two young girls within the pagoda site.


Preparing flowers for the alters.


These two young monks were posing for a couple of our photographers.


Then the one took out a cell phone and photographed us!


First view of Shwedagon Pagoda. To give you an idea of how high you have to climb from street lever. You have to take three escalators. Quite the challenge in bare feet.


This gives you an idea once you get inside how big the complex is.


The view once you reach the top. Remember 60 tonnes of gold leaf cover the pagoda.


Families taking time for prayer.


Many candles and incense are light by visitors each day.


Twins racing across the pagoda.


Another view of the many smaller buildings within the big setting.


A ceremonial march through the temple this afternoon.


Plenty of colour as the men and women paraded past.


More meditation and candles.


These monks were on the roof of the pagoda cleaning any gold leaf material off the pagoda so it can be reused.


Another shot.


Nancy showing a nun the photo she took of her.


This little girl was play at one of the small pagodas the face paint is for religious purposes and for sun protection.


One of the gates inside the pagoda depicting many beautiful scenes.


Another lady lighting candles, notice her face!


As the sun set the pagoda took on a beautiful glow..


Another view of the pagoda.


As you can see plenty of people. It made for a very interesting first day.


After sunset we headed to a location for our welcome dinner.


The group waiting to start Perry, Marian, Larry and Ken in the foreground.


From the other end of the table. Wendy, Jim, Ann, Pat and Nancy.


That’s it for our first day in Burma (Myanmar) tomorrow morning we fly from Yangon to Mandalay. Good night from all the trekkers here in Yangon.


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Posted by Gail Nichol on
Very beautiful photos. Enjoy your trip and looking forward to more photos!!
Posted by danny on
It's nice that you stay till sinset at the Schwedagon temple, it looks better at night, also you are fortunate that there was a fextival with procession going on.
Posted by Uncle Jim on
Nice to see you are having a good time Nancy. Connie and I travelled all over in the Philippines and it was great. Sure got tired of being HOT all of the time. Just couldn't get away from people at all.

Enjoy Jim
Posted by Brian on
Great photos of the local people and the pagodas. Looking forward to more wonderful pics.
Posted by Karen Farr on
beautiful pictures

looking forward to seeing Christine in some of them
Posted by Dolores on
Even WOW seems understated! What an outstanding day. Looking forward to following this blog. Have fun and stay cool.
Posted by Deborah Phibbs on
All of the gold is amazing. Beautiful people.
Posted by Dave Chidley on
Golden day!
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