Monument Valley Photo Tour Friday April 27th, 2012

April 27, 2012

Monument Valley Photo Tour Friday April 27th, 2012
Detroit to Zion National Park

We have arrived safely at our first location Zion National Park.  We flew out of Detroit just after 8:00 a.m. this morning to Las Vegas then met our Motor Coach and driver Rick for and began our journey to Zion National Park.  The drive took us about 3 1/2 hours, arriving just after 5:00 p.m. Zion time.  The weather here was 28 C and after the group checked into our rooms some wondered around taking a few photos while others spent some time relaxing by the pool.  Our first photo shoot was a sunset shoot at 7:30 p.m. 

Tomorrow we head into the canyon for a full day of photography at several locations in the park. We have organized box lunches to be deliverd to our mid-day location so we can take a break then carry on with our afternoon schedule.

The images below are a few shots from traveling and the park today.


Brenda ready for departure, and we are impressed as she decided to travel light on this journey.


Would the real David Copperfield plese step forward.  See you can have fun in an airport!!!!


Bill Hall ... We've been in Las Vegas for only forty minutes and Bill's already winning big at the tables.  Deb we see another camera on the horizon???


Christine working on some close-up images.


Zion National Park waiting on sunset.


One of the locals wonder what all these tripods are doing in his forest.....yes dear we are taking some good photos!


Jim goes with the flow while setting up to take a few shots.


Evening sun on the mountains.


Dave Locks in on his exposure.


Sunset at Emerald Pool Trail Bridge.


Nancy working on a few riverside sunset shots.

Well that's a wrap for this evening and our report from Zion National Park.  We will be out in the Canyon all day tomorrow, so check back for some images from Riverside Walk through the canyon and a climb to the Emerald Pools.

Good Night from Zion national Park. 

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Posted by Jerry Cornell on
Great images James keep em-coming.. Yup sure does look like a new camera coming for Bill - or could it be Deb.?.
Posted by James on
Thanks Jerry, I'm sure Deb is also going to want to know what the investment was to achieve those winnings. Everyone says Hi to you Jerry.
Posted by Michelle Rondeau on
Hello phototrekkers! I'm enjoying following along with you and,very much appreciate James' posting the pictures and writing the blog. Nancy, I'd love to see your photos when you return.
Posted by Peter & Deb on
Wishing you a great trip, will miss the puns ( 'dear' REALLY!!! ) and banter
Posted by Gail Nichol on
Hi to all the Photo Trekkers. Just maybe Bill won enough for a new camera for both him and Deb??? Looking forward to the photos, have fun everyone.
Posted by Katie McRae on
Mom, your a babe-
Keep up the good work.
Posted by Deb on
Keep up the good work Honey. Momma needs a new pair of shoes, a camera to use while you travel with all three, and tech support while your away. Have fun all.
Posted by Doreen on
Love the yes deer photo I looked for the deer yesterday on our path because there were so many tracks so thank you it made my day.
Posted by Joann Skeavington on
Pictures are so good, thanks so much. Glad you did not fall in the water Jim, (hopefully not.....)
Posted by Justin Chidley on
Looks like a great trip so far. Keep up the good work