India Tour Feb 2013 - Ranthambore

February 14, 2013 at 12:29 PM

India Photo Tour February 2013 - Tigers and Ranthambore

Two more great game drives today here in Ranthambore National Park.  This morning we heard all the warning calls that the tiger was near by, but later found out that she had crossed a ridge and went into a different zone.  In the National parks you are assigned zones for each game drive.  

This afternoon we visted zone 4 where the tiger was sighted this morning and even though we did not see her during the day we were treated to many photo opportunities with other wildlife and birds.  Then 10 minutes before we were to leave the park for the last time, a male tiger appeared from the brush and walked along the road marking his territory.  We followed as he criss crossed then headed for the lake, something spooked him and he ran back across the road and setteled in the grass.  This gave us great opportunitiy to photograph him.  It was amazing and the photogaphers were pretty pumped this evening.

Tomorrow we travel to Agra and will be visiting the Taj  and again the following morning for sunrise photography.  

It's been a great day, nice weather and great images from our game drives.  We have an early morning departure, so good night from the Trekkers in Ranthambore.  Enjoy the images from todays photo shoots  ... and the tiger!!!

Elly this morning making some new friends.


Some beautiful reflections this morning ...


One of many King Fishers we saw today.


Morning snack.


This little guy was not going to far from his mother.


This wild boar was feeding in the shallow waters this afternoon.


Locking horns ... these young males were quite entertaining.


Sambre deer feeding on some of the sweet reed grass in the lake beds.


Rose ring neck parakeet in flight, at a watering hole in the park.  It was a busy place.


Another King Fisher, close by the watering hole.


Beautiful reflections as the sun started to set.


With 10 minutes to go ... we find a male tiger walking along the edge of the lake.


He was startled by something and crossed the road and settled in a brush area. Bonus!!!


It was great ... he sat there and we were able to take our time with photos.


Close enought to get some great head shots ... he was only about 75 feet from our jeep.


One more head shot ...


Then he just got up and wondered off deeper into the park.


Another as he left the area ...


The group headed back to the lodge for dinner ... Wes Terryberry supplied me with the final two shots of the evening ... proving what happens when you play with fire.


Donna ... you can't say that we did not warn you!!! All in good fun, it was great to have you both join us on the tour.


That's it for this evening, on to Agra and to photogaph the Taj Mahal.  Good night everyone.


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Posted by Elizabeth Cowie on
I am enjoying all your photos and glad everyone's safe, the Tiger shots are great, also all the reflection shots. They all tell a beautiful story!!
Love, Mom
Posted by Kathleen Beaufait on
Wow! All of you are sure experiencing one amazing trip. What a once in a lifetime adventure. Great photos.
Posted by Bill De Meester on
Posted by Gail Nichol on
Beautiful shots! So glad you were able to see the tiger and take the photos and share with us. Safe trip home everyone.
Posted by Debbie Moanhan on
You guys were so lucky to get so many shots of the tiger, defintely a precious souvenir
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