India Tour Feb 2013 - Varanasi

February 07, 2013 at 1:46 PM

India Photo Tour February 7th, 2013 - Varanasi

We had our day jump started by the loudest crack of thunder, followed by heavy rains at 4:00 a.m. this morning.  So unfortunately our early morning sunrise boat tour on the Ganges had to be cancelled until tomorrow morning.

The rain subsided by early morning and we organized smaller transportation vechicles for our group and headed deep into old Varanasi, and spent the morning visiting temples and traveling on some pretty interesting streets.

This evening we took a 30 minute rickshaw ride down to the Ganges for evening prayer.  WOW, you should have seen the amount of people.  The streets were elbow to elbow and when we got down to the water, there was people everywhere including on boats in the water. A scene none of us will soon forget.  

So tomorrow morning we will be up and out by 5:45 a.m. to try again for morning sunrise photos on the Ganges.

**Please note we will be heading to the Mela Festival in Allahabad for the next three days.  We will not be able to post to the blog at the festival due to no access to Wi-Fi while staying in the tents.  We will catch up with our blog posts sharing all the images from the holy Mela Festival when we reach our next location.

Here are a few images from todays photo trekking.  Good night from Varanasi.

The first image of today was submitted by Bill Coombes ... just for you June!!


Wes rining the bell at the first temple we visiting on the University Campus.


Vishwanath Templealso known as Birla Mandirin the Banaras Hindu University campus.


A student visiting the Temple


These children stopped me and asked to have thier photo taken.


Our next stop was a Temple dedicated to animals.  Wes is trying to tip the doorman to get to the front of the line. "Stop that monkey business Wes!!"


Rob taking a few shots from the temple.


Just outside the temple ...


Busy streets in Varanasi


See what happens when you ask someone else to hold your camera ... imagine my surprise when the face appeared in my files tonight.  Love your humoru Bill!


Everyone comes out to say hello!!!


Even water buffalo make up some of the traffic on the busy streets!!!


Many people make thier way to the Ganges for evening prayer...


Many prilgrims make thier way to the river every morning and evening.


These ladies wanted me to take thier photo, they have traveled from Mumbai.


Sharing the shots with the ladies, no email but they gave me an address and asked if I would post them a copy of the image.


This little guy is showing a gift one of our photographers gave him.


Another shot from the evening prayers.


Donna at the evening prayers.


The river is full of boats with people observing the evening prayer.


Evening prayer.


One last shot for this eveing, guess who the couple is riding off into the the crowds?


A busy day, full of many new and unforgetable experiences.  Remember we won't have any web postings over the next three days while we are at the Mela Festival.  There is no internet service at our next location.

Good night from James and all the trekkers in India.


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Posted by Betty Ann on
These pictures are simply stunning and very, very interesting. The colours are unbelievable.
Posted by Paul on
Great photos, really enjoy your blog.
Posted by Gail Nichol on
Great photos James, lots of color and intersting things to take pictures off. Looking forward to the next ones. Have fun everyone, take care.
Posted by Patti on
More great photo ops! Keep 'em coming.
Posted by Michelle Rondeau on
James,thank you for sharing the wonderful photos of your experiences on this India adventure. Best wishes to all for a continuing awesome journey and a special hello to the people from the Sarnia Photo Club.It's so fun to see familiar faces in the photos. Looking forward to being able to share the next chapter.
Posted by Linda Khanna on
Another amazing day with amazing shots, making me feel I'm with you with the vibrant colours and attention to detail. Great job, James! I'm looking out my window with blizzard conditions and expecting 40C of snow today, dreaming of your experiences. Hope you get on your river cruise today and looking forward to the Mela photos whenever the technology allows. Be save and thinking of you all
Posted by jerry on
Please relay to Wes that my operation went well and that they missed the mother of all storms. This blog is a great idea.
Posted by Judy Bishop on
Many thanks for the daily photos.
Absolutely fascinating. Enjoy your days.
Posted by Christine Yao on
The pictures are so beautiful and interesting. The kaleidoscope of colors and the faces of the people are stunning!
Posted by Ross Blakey on
Just wonderful! Continued success in your adventure and all those colourful scenes to come. Looks like you all are having a trip of a lifetime!! Cheers!
Posted by john on
Wes & Anna looks like quite the trip have fun John
Posted by John Winstone on
I transitioned from envy to gratitude. Thank you so much for sharing this way
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