India Tour Feb 2013 - Delhi to Varansi

February 06, 2013 at 11:56 AM

India Photo Tour Feb 6th, 2013 Delhi to Varansi

We were up and on our way to the Delhi Airport at 7:45 a.m. to catch our flight to Varansi.  Varansi is the oldest know city that is still in existance in the world.  We will be in this region for the next 5 days as the Mela Festival is close by.

This afternoon, we visited Sarnath the location of the birth of budism.  We spent time visiting the temple, photographing the ruins and where lucky enought to witness a group of pilgrims from Shri Lanka who were partaking in religious cerimonies.  Again faces and photo opportunities were at every corner.

Tomorrow we will be up and out for 5:45 a.m. to photograph the sunrise onboard boats on the Ganges river and then later in the day tour old Varanasi by foot.  You will be in for some amazing photos tomorrow evening.

Enjoy the images from our visit to Sarnath today.  Good night from James and the Photo Trekkers in Varanasi, India.

Children at the temple gates.


Sometimes photo mistakes are done on purpose ...


One of the Budah Monks during prayer.


June photographing one of the monks.


More monks during a meditation service.


Sonia and Vivek from Tourcan and our India guide Dinesh's wife Punam, it is great to have you join us on this trek.India2013-48.jpgHere's a monk with some pilgrims from China.


Prayer time, but first let me check my email ...


Now close by the temple, more of the Shri Lanka pilgrims arriving.


Time for reflection ...


There are many candles around the temple.  These gentleman are heating the brass bases to clean off the old wax, then replace with new candles.  Jim is taking a few shots.  So many interesting faces!!!


Cleaning up after the celbrations.  We were luck to visit on a day with so much colour and activity.


Sunset reflections in a pool of water at the temple.


That's it for the evening folks, at time of posting it is 11:09 p.m. in India and we must get some rest as we have an early start in the morning.  Good night from the banks of the Ganges.


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Posted by Elizabeth Cowie on
Hi Jamie:
The photos are great and I am enjoying them with pride!!
Have a good time.
Love, Mom
Posted by Cathy on
Very nice to see what you were up to today. Beautiful sunset shot.
Posted by Herb G. Huber on
Bill is such a good sport to pose for a shot that pokes fun at him.
Posted by Nancy Anne on
Beautiful Tree photo. It was a nice day here too, a balmy -5.
Wish I were there. Enjoy!
Posted by Ross Blakey on
Hi James and all the new photo trekkers on this great adventure. Some great pictures and the exciting scenery you're encountering. Enjoy your future escapades and will continue to watch this blog. I'm viewing these scenes from a hospital bed so helps to see these wonderful pictures.

Posted by Shari on
Very nice. The tree photo is especially beautiful. I bet all the flower petals really added some beautiful hues to everyones photos. Looking forward to seeing the Mela photos. Safe travels!
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