Iceland Photo Tour Images submitted by the Group - June 26th, 2012

June 26, 2012

Iceland Photo Tour - Images submitted by the Group  - June 26th, 2012

The Iceland Trekkers are home safe, with computers, hard drives and memory cards full of images from the land of Fire and Ice.  

It was an amazing trek filled with many photo opportunities.  Even before the group was home, we were receiving emails from folk saying they never realized the beauty of this place, and I think a few have added it to their bucket list.  I know it won’t be the last tour we offer to Iceland.

Below are a series of random images from our tour, that I’ve asked the group to email me so I could post and share with everyone.  Check back over the next few days to this final post page as I will be adding images as the different photographers that traveled with us submit them.

Thanks for following our Iceland Tour Blog entries you have helped make this the highest followed tour we have done so far.  And to the Trekkers that joined me on this journey thanks again and I hope to travel and photograph with you on a future tour.

Iceland Group Photo


This is a Google Map of Greenland, the points you see on the map match with the three images below.  There were shot with a Canon S100 with a built in GPS then when added to Google Maps in Lightroom4 it marks the position of your photos.  Thanks Bill Hall for submitting these shots and the Map.


Flying over Greenland, image by Bill Hall


Looking down at Greenland from 34,000 feet, image by Bill Hall


Approaching the coast of Greenland, image by Bill Hall


Even the horses get my jokes in Iceland, image by Gail Nichol


Style in Iceland, image by Randy Van Hooren


Puffin’s in the Ocean, image by Randy Van Hooren


Second oldest church in Iceland, image by Sue Smith


Just for Patti, second oldest church in Iceland, image by Sue Smith


An HDR shot of the old church, what a beautiful setting, image by Sue Smith


Sue Smith on the Black Basalt Beach near Vik, image by Terry Lennox


Waiting to greet his guests, image by Sue Smith


James by the edge, Dettifoss in Jokulsarqljufur National Park, image by Sue Smith


Godafoss Panoramic shot, image by James Cowie


In the warm volcanic regions there is a mosquitto like creature called a midge.  This is a swarm of them.  Sue and Gail seeking shelter ... image by Pia O'Leary.


The glass at the Harpe cast a beautiful light, Joyce taking a photo, image by Pia O'Leary.


Susan and James at Dettifoss, here's looking at you, image by Pia O'Leary.


Grave yard near the turf roof houses, image by Nancy McRae.


Beautiful waves, image by Nancy McRae


Stairs at Saga, Image by Nancy McRae


Midnight Meadow, Image by Nancy McRae


Dairy farm near Vik, Image by Nancy McRae


Story horses and waterfalls during a photo stop, image by Nancy McRae.


Iceburgs, Image by Nancy McRae.


Black Lava Basalt Beach, image by Deb Hall



Onboard tour and photo shoot of deep sea fishing troller, image by Deb Hall


Bill and Dan close to the edge at Dettifoss, image by Deb Hall


Sue setting up the shot at Godafoss, image by Deb Hall


Landscape view of the second oldest church in Iceland, image by Deb Hall


Lined up to photograph the Storey Horses, image by Deb Hall


Inside the Harpe - image by Gail Nichol


Watching the tourists - image by Gail Nichol


Interesting Menu - Image by Tom Hopkins


Church Reflections near Reykjavik - Image by Tom Hopkins


Window light inside the Geothermal Plant - Image by Tom Hopkins


Iceland Countryside - Image by Tom Hopkins


Black Basalt Beaches near Hofn - Image by Tom Hopkins


Don't forget to check back to this post page as we will be adding more images as the photographers from the tour submit them. 

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Posted by Pat on
Great to see, bonus pictures. What a great trip you all had. Thanks for the images.

Posted by Joel on
It has been great to follow the tour, I love the smiling horse shot. What a great image. The Puffins on the water is awesome too.

Posted by Nancy on
Great images Randy, I love the little girl.
Posted by Rich Perry on
Another great trip, we always enjoy following your blog. We hope to join you in Africa next year.

Posted by Paul on
Beautiful Images from a beautiful country. Thanks for sharing with us.

Posted by Rob MacDonald on
Well James, it was great to follow along again. Amazing colour and contrasting subjects all on such a small Island. Thanks for sharing with us.

Posted by Greg Turner on
I've been checking back each day, and it's great to see people that traveled on this trip sharing their images. Thanks this is great.
Posted by Ross on
Well it certainly looks like you had a grand time... Lots of daylight time eh! Wonderful pictures and great scenery to be had on this tour and hope everyone got their pictures stored safely onto their computers... now the fun begins with the time to process those pictures... Cheers all and enjoy the rest of this summer, warm as it is now.